Planning to Wire Funds for Closing?

We want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible through this process. To ensure that there are no hiccups, please be sure to read the following information regarding wire transfer instructions.

Due to the prevalence of wire-fraud in tandem with imposter spear-phishing email ‘hacking,’ do not act on emailed wiring instructions. You must call your escrow officer/closer at Signature Title Florida Partners for wiring instructions. Verification of both sides is necessary and must be completed.

Signature Title Florida Partners does require that funds be posted to our bank account prior to finalizing your closing. To assure that the funds reach us in time for your closing, please wire the funds at least one day in advance.

Other factors to consider when deciding when to send your wire transfer include bank and Federal Reserve processing time and any time zone differences.

Signature Title Florida Partners cannot accept ACH transfers.  Transfers by this method are automatically rejected by our bank.  With the exception of wire transfers, we discourage other methods of electronic transfer to our account such as online transfer, deposit, book transfer or other miscellaneous credit from a buyer or seller account at Wells Fargo Bank.  Transfer by any of these methods may result in a delayed closing.

When we receive your request, we will send you an email with our wiring instructions.

Should you prefer to reach us by phone, please call our Accounting Department at (772) 419-9650.

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